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Taco Seasoned Chicken

Taco Seasoned Chicken

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Introducing our zesty Taco Seasoned Chicken, a fiesta for your taste buds that's ready to sizzle straight out of the package. Our culinary artisans have masterfully blended the essence of traditional Mexican flavors, infusing succulent chicken with a tantalizing combination of smoky paprika, fiery chili powder, aromatic garlic, and the subtle sweetness of marinated onions. To add a refreshing twist, we've delicately marinated this tender chicken in a tangy infusion of fresh lemon juice, creating a harmonious medley of vibrant and bold sensations.

Whether you're whipping up a quick and flavorsome taco, burrito, or salad, our pre-cooked Taco Seasoned Chicken is the ultimate time-saving solution for your next culinary adventure. Elevate your meals effortlessly with the perfect balance of authentic flavors, all conveniently prepared and waiting to bring that extra kick to your kitchen.

  • All meats are prepared with fresh ingredients, never frozen, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.
  • Our products are free from all antibiotics, guaranteeing a healthier and more natural dining experience.
  • Absolutely no added preservatives, preserving the natural flavors and nutritional value of the food.
  • We take pride in offering meals without any added sugars, allowing you to enjoy the pure, authentic taste of our dishes.

Delivery & Pick-up Information:

All Meat By The Pound, individual meals, bundles, and subscription orders placed before 11:59pm on Friday's are delivered fresh/available for pick up the immediate Sunday evening to follow.

All individual meals, bundles, and subscription orders placed over the weekend are delivered fresh/available for pick up the following Sunday evening.


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3939 Tollhouse Dr., Ste 116
Naples, Florida  34114
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